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Norcross SEO and Why You Need One

Search engine optimization should be one of your priorities if you want to grow your business online. The right SEO techniques and a fantastic Norcross SEO company can and will help you get your pages to rank higher in search results. This organic traffic will allow you to generate leads, become more visible and to eventually increase your sales if you have an efficient sales funnel in place. SEO is crucial because ranking high in search results for relevant keywords is how new customers are going to find you.

By hiring a Norcross SEO expert, you receive a greater return on investment in comparison to other advertising channels available to you.

Efficient search engine optimization strategies will also make your site easier to find compared to your competitors and could allow you to gain more market shares. These ten SEO strategies should be a part of your campaign. Make a few changes if you need to, and remember that SEO is something you need to continuously work on if you want to see your rankings increase.
Call Magnum Firm’s Norcross SEO experts to do all of this for your business and more!

1. Review Your Current Performance

There are a number of tools you can use to get an idea of how well your site is performing. Use traffic tracking tools to see which links and keywords are bringing traffic to your site. Keep track of the pages visitors look at before making a purchase or subscribing to one of your campaigns. You can use tools like QickSprout to audit your site and get some tips on how to improve the structure of your site and other aspects. You cannot expect to get good results with your SEO campaign if your website is poorly organized, if content is not engaging or if you have low conversion rates for one reason or another. Focus on developing and improving your website as you work on other aspects of your SEO campaign.

2. Do Some Keyword Research

Which keywords and phrases is your target audience looking up? You need to do some advanced keyword research to determine which searches you should be targeting. It pays off to focus on the searches that would be issued by Internet users who are close to making a purchase. Someone who is comparing prices, looking for reviews or who wants to find out about the specs of a product is more likely to make a purchase soon than a user who is looking up more general information. You can use the keyword research tool offered by Google or any other similar tools to see which keywords are popular in your niche. This should also give you an idea of which keywords and searches your competitors are targeting in their content.

3. Your Landing Pages Matter

You need to deliver content that correspond to what Internet users expect after seeing a link ranked in search results. Your content needs to be a good match for the keywords you are targeting. You can use analytics to get an idea of how much time visitors typically spend on your landing pages after finding this content via a search. If a high percentage of visitors click away from the page within a few seconds, you need to make some changes to your content. Deliver the information visitors want to find and look for a way to keep them engaged with your site, for instance by linking to other content they will be interested in or by drawing attention to an offer.

4. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Users

Mobile search results are important since almost 60% of searches come from Smartphones and tablets. Mobile rankings can be different from desktop rankings and your site will be penalized if it is difficult to use on a Smartphone. Think about launching a mobile website for these users or about optimizing your website. Test your current website with different devices and mobile browsers to see if there are any issues. Keep in mind that mobile users might issue slightly different queries, might look for local results and probably won’t want to read a long article or watch a video that is more than two minutes long. Focus on engaging with these users by making information easy to access on a smaller screen and on connecting with them, for instance by drawing attention to your app or to your email distribution list. This can be a very confusing technique to do properly. Therefore, it is yet another great reason to hire a Norcross SEO Agent to handle this for you.

5. Optimize Your Visual Content

Images and videos help you grab the attention of your audience while delivering helpful information. However, this content won’t be valued by search engines unless you properly optimize. Avoid pages that have little content other than images or videos. Use alt tags to tell search engines what your images are about and how they are relevant to the rest of your content. For instance, if you put alt tags that say “Norcross, Georgia”, then Google knows you are showing an image of norcross, if the alt text is blank, they have no idea. If you use videos in your content, use titles that contain keywords as well as short descriptions of your videos. You can also use transcripts of your video content.

6. Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

Use social media to bring traffic to your site. This traffic will be valued by search engines, and some trending content from social media sometimes appears in search results for relevant searches. You can get more shares on social media by posting regularly, becoming a reliable source of information for your niche and by connecting with influencers in your niches and getting them to share your content. Determine which users are influential in your niche and reach out to them directly or share their content until they notice your brand.

7. Create Video Content

Content from YouTube and from other video platforms often appears in search results. This is a great way to deliver information in a convenient format, especially for mobile users who would rather watch a video than read a webpage. In fact, you can get your YouTube videos to rank among the top results for keywords that would be too difficult to target with regular content due to the presence of your competitors. Develop some quality video content, write descriptive titles for your videos and don’t forget to add links to your site in the description of your videos.

8. Fix Your Broken Links

A broken link is not a good experience for a visitor and broken links can end up costing you a lot of traffic. A good Norcross SEO agent will EASILY be able to locate and fix these issues and provide near instant improvements. Use a link checker tool to find any broken link on your site. You should do this every time you change the structure or design of your site. You can also use online link checker tools to look for broken back-links. If you have any broken back-links, create redirect pages to bring traffic to a relevant landing page.

9. Create Back-Links

Back-links bring traffic to your site and help you build up your authority as long as they are featured on quality pages relevant to your niche. You can use a traffic tracking tool to see which back-links are bringing the most traffic. Try to get more similar links if you want to boost your traffic. If you notice any back-links featured on low-quality pages that could hurt your ranking, use the Google Webmaster Tools to send a disavow request for these links. It can be harmful to create backlinks if you do not know what you are doing. You absolutely NEED a great Norcross SEO company doing this for you to locate only QUALITY and Natural backlink opportunities.

10. Use A Content Creation Strategy

You need to update your site frequently since inactive websites are usually penalized by search engines. Use the results from your keyword research to create a content strategy. You should be creating content using different formats and distribute this content on different platforms to generate traffic and reach out to a wider range of users. Creating more content regularly allows you to target more keywords and to keep existing customers and new leads interested once you have connected with them.

Use our Norcross, GA SEO Firm to develop your own campaign. There are many other techniques you can use to boost your traffic and rankings. Focus on the strategies that allow you to build up your authority, deliver a good experience for your audience and stay competitive in your niche.

Derek Shannon | Norcross SEO Expert | Magnum Firm