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The Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques Used Today

There are many digital marketing strategies that people utilize every day in order to send more traffic to their website. It is very common for people to use pay per click marketing which has been done for well over a decade on platforms like Google AdWords. However, the cost of advertising using PPC marketing has consistently risen over time, making this a difficult option for those that have a limited budget. That’s why more people than ever before are moving toward SEO marketing instead, a viable way of driving targeted visitors to your website. Let’s take a look at what search engine optimization actually is, the many strategies that are used, and some of the top ones that are currently working for 2017. This will allow you to understand how our Macon SEO firm can help you.

A Basic Overview Of Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is representative of strategies that can be used by individuals, or companies, that allow them to rank their website on the search engines. These strategies are numerous, divided up into two separate categories which are called on-site and off-site optimization. Initially, on-site optimization strategies are used which can fully optimize the website so that the search engine spiders will have an easy time indexing their content. To properly optimize a website, unique content needs to be used on each page that is posted, and videos and images should also be on each post that is made. Interlinking of the pages is also necessary to not only show continuity between the content, but to make it easier for the search engine bots to spider the entire website. Finally, outbound links must be part of the optimization process, pointing to websites currently ranking for keywords that the website owner is trying to rank for as well. Off-site optimization is very different as it pertains to everything not on the website. This is called link building, a process by which backlinks are obtained by posting content on blogs, forums, and even social media websites like Facebook, pointing back to different pages on the website. The main keyword that is being targeted should be used sparingly, no more than 2% or 3% of the time in the hyperlink text. All of this represents a very time-consuming process, and that is why so many people are utilizing our Macon SEO experts that have teams of professionals that can do this for our clients.

How To Select A Macon SEO Company

Once an individual decides that they do not have the time to do search engine optimization, they are going to look for a Macon SEO expert that can help them out. There are thousands of companies across the world that specialize in this industry, some of which will be in your immediate area. By searching for SEO experts in Macon, GA on the web, you will see many of them advertising and also showing up at the top of the search engine listings. You will want to focus on those that are in the local listings as they will have star ratings, and also testimonials, that have been posted by actual customers. This information is invaluable because it gives you an inside look as to how these companies perform. If they have excellent feedback, it is likely they are ranking other people’s websites on the search engines, helping them to generate more traffic and sales. The evaluation process should include looking at the top three companies in regard to reputation and how much it will cost to work with them. This information can be found on their websites, detailed in the area where you can see the different packages that are offered for doing SEO for their local clients. The choice that you make is going to be based upon your budget for advertising, and the type of results that you would like to achieve. Whether you want to rank just a couple keywords a month, or if you would like to rank hundreds a month, you need to select a company that can accommodate your needs. Our Macon SEO firm has been helping HUNDREDS of businesses rank well and increase their customer base.

How Long Does It Take To See Actual Results?

The results that you are able to obtain from using a Macon SEO expert will vary depending upon several factors. First of all, the competency of the company that you have chosen to work with can play a large role in how soon you are able to rank your keywords on the first page of the search engine results. In most cases, this is going to take several weeks because of how slowly the algorithms update on each of the search engines. Most people are going to be targeting Google, and what most people find is that SEO efforts typically are not verifiable for three or four weeks, sometimes, even MONTHS. Keep that in mind as you are working with these different companies that are clearly very good at what they do. Many people stop using them simply because they become impatient. Another reason that it may take quite some time to rank certain pages on your website is that you are targeting very competitive keyword phrases. As a general rule, you will want to target keyword phrases that are for keywords in length or longer. These are referred to as longtail keywords. Additionally, if you are trying to rank your local company, you can actually accelerate the process by which you rank for these keywords by targeting your city and state. The Macon SEO business that you will be working with should be well aware of these strategies and should show you exactly what keywords they are going to rank you for. It is also possible to use advanced strategies that can accelerate this process, some of which are working very well in 2017. Speak to a rep in our Macon SEO office to get a better understanding from one of the ONLY trusted local sources.

SEO Strategies That Are Working In 2017

There are three strategies that are working exceptionally well in 2017 in regard to search engine optimization. First of all, you will need to work with a company that does social media marketing, allowing you to get links posted on Facebook, Twitter, and HUNDREDS of other social media platforms. Although these links may not have a substantial effect on your ranking by normal PR ranking standards, Google is constantly searching social media platforms to look for trends. The more links that you have pointing to your website from social media, the higher you will begin to rank on the search engines due to your company gaining trust in Google’s eyes. This is something that the Macon SEO experts at Magnum Firm specialize at. The second strategy to use is creating a YouTube channel. You need to create your own videos and upload them. Most importantly, the title, description, and the tags that you use for that video can help the video itself rank within days on the search engines. Local businesses are realizing the power of video marketing when it comes to ranking their business in their local community. Finally, our Macon, GA SEO experts will then embed the video code for that video into a post that you have made on the same exact topic, targeting the same keyword, and you will see an almost immediate boost in the ranking for that page. By using all three of the strategies, you will see why so many search engine optimization experts are using these techniques because they can accelerate the speed at which you are able to get to the top of the search engine listings, even for competitive keyword phrases. These are strategies that the SEO company that you are going to use should implement for you to help you rank your website on the search engines.

If you have never done search engine optimization before, you now have a basic overview of how the process works. For those that do not have time to implement the strategies on their own, they can always contact Macon SEO experts at Magnum Firm. Additionally, if you are looking at other companies in the Central Georgia area, make sure that they are using advanced SEO strategies that can help you rank as quickly as possible for your most profitable keyword phrases.